Playing Farlight 84 on PC – Everything You Need to Know

Playing Farlight 84 on PC - Everything You Need to Know

Farlight 84 is a very popular game, and we have discussed its player base and data at length. Though the player base has been shrinking recently, a sizable number of players are still playing it. Though the main player base resides in smartphones, and there is no gaming console version yet, a very significant number of players also play on PCs. The PC is a Personal Desktop, and it includes Laptops and Desktops. 

Currently, 4,050 players actively play Farlight 84 on PC, and the peak player count on PC was 41,396. With so many players playing the game, there are bound to be questions regarding the PC version. Today, we will discuss all the details regarding the Farlight 84 PC version.

Farlight 84 Gameplay on PC

Farlight 84 PC Requirements

Farlight 84 is not a resource-hungry game and does not need any high-end and expensive PC equipment to make it work, but you will need at least a decent enough setup to play Farlight 84. 

The minimum PC requirement is an operating system with at least 64-bit Windows 10. For the processor, you will need at least an AMD FX 4350 or its equivalent, as well as an Intel Core i3 6300 or equivalent. You will at least need 6 Gigabytes of RAM (Random Access Memory). The minimum Graphic Unit you will need is an AMD Radeon HD 7330 or NVIDIA Geforce GT 640. 

The minimum Direct X system you will need is Version 11, and for smooth gameplay on the same PC, you should have a good broadband connection. You can play using Mobile Data through a Hotspot, but it drains your mobile data very fast, and connection issues may occur. Finally, you will need at least 10 gigabytes of free storage on your PC.

The recommended PC requirements are that you need a 64-bit Operating System, Windows 10. The recommended processor is a Ryzen 5 CPU or equivalent. Your PC should have 8 gigabytes of Random Access memory. The recommended Graphic Unit is the AMD Radeon R9 290 or NVIDIA Geforce GTX 970.

The recommended Direct X system is Version 11. Similar to the above, a stable and good broadband connection is highly recommended for a seamless online experience. Your PC should have 10 Gigabytes of storage available. 

Farlight 84 PC Gameplay

Any higher system will give you increased performance, like more frames per second, some minor graphical upgrades, and more. As said earlier, you only need a decent PC to run this game, and usually, a household laptop of this generation will do the trick. We recommend trying the game on your existing system and checking whether it runs.


Farlight 84 is a decent game available for mobile and PC. On mobile, you control everything on that small screen. But on PC, you have a bigger screen along with a Keyboard and Mouse to perform various tasks. So, PC players get a bit more advantage than mobile players. You can play cross-platform, as the game also supports this feature.

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