Best Guns for 1v4 in Farlight 84

Farlight 84 Changes to the Guns with New Update (V2.1)

Farlight 84 is a game with intense action where you will need your shooting skills as well as a good gun to be able to handle yourself in 1v4 situations. For this purpose it is crucial to define the guns in the game in order to be able to determine which of them is the most efficient. This article will help you on how to choose the right one from the list of best options to be able to achieve success in the game.


Generator is still one of the most powerful weapons at all stages of the game because of the frequency of fire that it has and the number of rounds that can be fired at once. This LMG is most effective in a scenario where the opponents are employing suppress fire and close quarters combat which is advantageous to the players who find themselves surrounded by enemies.

Farlight 84 Generator

Key Features:

  • High Magazine Capacity: The Generator has a large magazine capacity, which is one of the largest in the game, so you will not have to reload the weapon very frequently. This is very useful especially when there are several enemies around because, when in the middle of a fight, you may be forced to reload and this could be dangerous.
  • Suppressive fire : A Generator is a weapon that can produce a lot of fire and keep the opponent’s heads down so that they cannot engage in a good return fire. This could be a vulnerability of their strategies and the reason behind their defeat and you can exploit it by countering them one at a time.
  • High Damage Output: The Generator is also a magazine weapon with a large ammunition capacity and it also has a suppressor but it does not reduce the damage. It has high damage per shot because this help in ensuring that the enemies are eliminated in the shortest time possible to avoid the enemies planning on their next move.


The Fanatic is a very powerful shotgun in the game, with its range of abilities that would be best suited to close quarter combat and situations where a shotgun is viewed as a weapon that would be used less often and then comes the Fanatic, with its attributes that can be effective in a 1v4 scenario.

Farlight 84 Fanatic

Key features:

  • High Burst Damage: The Fanatic is capable of doing a lot of damage within a very short span of time. This high burst damage can blow up enemies at close range which is useful in close quarters combat.
  • Fast Fire Rate: In terms of shotguns, the Fanatic is relatively quick to shoot, enabling the player to fire numerous shots and get rid of numerous enemies in a short space of time.
  • Wide Spread: Its large bullet area of effect means that you can take out several enemies with one round, handy when they are packed closely together.


The UMP99 is a submachine gun that is particularly effective in close combat situations where it can mow down foes thanks to its high rate of fire. Here’s why the MP5 is perfect for 1v4 encounters:

Farlight 84 UMP

Key Features:

  • Rate Of Fire: It can shoot multiple times to eliminate numerous enemies before they eliminate you or send you to the floor.
  • Recoil Control: The recoil is quite manageable which improves the aim and ensures that more bullets hit the enemies.

AK 77

AK 77 is a weapon that deals a significant amount of damage at short distance range and thus it is commonly used by those who are sure in their targeting. Here are some reasons to use why it is more used in 1v4 situations.

Key Features:

  • High Damage: AK 77 bullets deals high damage, allowing you to eliminate the enemies quickly.
  • Stability: With practice AK 77 damage becomes manageable, which makes it a devastating weapon but only when given in skilled hands.
  • Penetrate Armor: Its powerful bullets can penetrate armors effectively, which can eliminate heavily armored opponents in lesser time.


M4 is versatile and reliable assault rifle, making it a top choice for players whether they are a newbie or pro of the game. It is also the top choice for 1v4 situations due its balanced features.

Key Features:

  • High Rate of Fire: The M4’s fast firing rate can quickly down enemies, which is essential when facing multiple opponents.
  • Accuracy: With good handling and minimum recoil, maintaining accuracy during fights is easier, crucial for hitting multiple targets efficiently.
  • Versatility: It is suitable for both close and mid-range combats, providing flexibility in different combat scenarios which makes it a versatile gun.

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