Farlight 84 May 30 Update Details – Landing Gear, Bandage, and More

Farlight 84 May 30 Update Details - Landing Gear, Bandage, and More

Farlight 84 will get its Chapter 2 Season 2 update on May 30, 2024, along with the game’s version 2.3. In this new version, developers will be working on latency and lag reduction, skill updates for two heroes, a brand-new battle interface, and many optimizations. Let’s start with the new features in detail one by one.  


With this update, developers are addressing ping issues in certain regions and lag issues on some device models. They know that they have been bugging you for a long time, and it wasn’t a good experience. Hope this update will resolve some of these issues. If you continue to encounter bugs and issues, please share more info and report on the Discord server.

Revamped Heroes

Since the start of this year, developers have been updating the gameplay design of all heroes so that each one shines with interesting mechanics. In this update, Lucinda and Ember will be revamped.


Lucinda’s first Tactical Skill, Portable Incendiary Bomb, can be stored twice by default now, and provides healing effects through leveling up. Lucinda will benefit from the healing as long as she’s within range. This means she can adopt more risky strategies in combat now. But note that this effect won’t apply when she is taking damage.

In this update, Lucinda is also learning a new tactical skill called Stellar Serenade. Upon activation, she leaps into the air. She briefly hovers as the gravitational field around her shifts if she casts other skills during this time. Gravity will return to normal once these skills are cast and Lucinda descends as usual.

Lucinda can quickly ascend to high platforms or buildings and better connect with other skills using this skill. Her ultimate, Absolute Gravity, will also get some updates. Now, only after leveling up does her ultimate deal initial and continuous damage. And its cast time is also increased. So that players have more time to evade and respond.

Developers also boosted the HP of her ultimate, making it more resilient. However, to maintain balance, the force of gravity is slightly reduced. All in all, you will find that Lucinda has the ability now to leverage and take more risky moves.


Ember has also received updates in this version. His Tactical Skill, Smoke Bomb, can now be stored twice by default, and its duration will increase with level progression. However, it will no longer cause poison damage after leveling up. And only when in the state of the second Tactical Skill can Ember see through smoke Bombs.

Speaking of his new second Tactical Skill, here it is – Phantom Drifter. Ember transforms into a ghostly state. In this state, he still collides with other characters, vehicles, and objects, but will not take any damage or debuff effects. Except for some forced displacement skills like Beau’s or Ducksyde’s.

Upon casting the skill, he immediately loses a certain amount of Shield and gains a speed boost. As the skill levels up, Ember, in his Phantom Drifter state, will continuously regain deducted Shield within the range of the Smoke Bomb.

Finally, Ember’s Ultimate – Vision Erosion will be updated. When releasing the skill, the effective range will now be shown with a release animation. This provides a window for the enemy to counteract. Also, within its area of effect, other players can now see the positions of enemies who are firing. This is to balance out the advantage Ember now has in the dark.

Additionally, after skill upgrades, enemies walking out of his Ultimate will briefly be revealed and slowed down; the speed of charging medical kits and shields for allies within Ember’s Ultimate will also increase.

This comprehensive set of changes means that Ember now gains a much more proactive advantage when fighting against opponents within the Smoke but can still be countered with the right strategy.

Hero Balancing

There’s a recent voting event in the community. There, players voted for which heroes to adjust in terms of balancing. In response to the results, developers are first making adjustments to Maychelle and Ducksyde.


Maychelle’s second Tactical Skill – Sonic Tracking, as the skill levels up, will no longer slow enemies down. Instead, it’ll boost allies’ movement towards scanned enemies. Additionally, this skill has a new visual effect: a scanning effect passing over buildings, allowing the user to clearly see which buildings have been scanned. Her ultimate, Ongoing Show, will enable her teammates to jump higher and farther. By the way, Maychelle will now be the default starting hero for new players.


As for Ducksyde, his ultimate, Summit Crush, has a longer jump and descent time. The landing area will now be divided into inner and outer rings; the inner ring deals higher damage and knocks enemies airborne, while the outer ring inflicts lower damage and slows enemies down. And the warning range for his ultimate will now be correctly displayed on special terrain.

Adjustments in Ranked Mode

In a recent Q&A, developers mentioned some adjustments regarding Ranked mode. They talked about how not changing the mechanics would lead to easier ranks, reducing glory and motivation.

In V2.3, the current Tiers, Tier Rewards, and leaderboard will be reset, which means you now get more Farlight Coins through more challenging, glory-based ranked matches;

In V2.3, the current Tiers, Tier Rewards, and leaderboard will be reset, Glory is what a rank tier means, and skills are what it takes. Current Season will continue and Season Data (including Season Memory) will be retained after the Tier reset.

New Device – Landing Gear

Landing Gear is a new device similar to the MKR parachute, which allows you to quickly migrate from one location to another. With this item, your transition time could be greatly reduced. Landing Gear is available across the map at fixed locations. It will appear first in Sunder Realms.

Bandage – New Item

Next up, Bandage! It’s a new health item. Compared to medkits, Bandages are more suitable for quick but small patch-ups. If you’re in danger and need just that little bit of juice to get you through, Bandage will be what you need.

Apart from these new items, developers have reduced the pace of the early-game poison circle. The safe zone warning will now start earlier, so you got more time to adjust and don’t need to panic the first time it shrinks.

The interface will also be improved. In the previous version, developers implemented the new Lobby. In this update, they increased the font size in the mobile version and optimized the UI for some important functions, like buttons. Ensuring that the interface is both aesthetically pleasing and practical.

In the new version, they have optimized the HUD display for in-game battles. It is now more streamlined, simpler, and aligned with everyone’s habits. Like in the PC version, the previously scattered item pickup lists are combined into a single column.

The Backpack layout has been optimized as well. Ammo bars can now be customized with more options, such as position and visibility settings.

Changes to Weapon Experience

Developers have always been committed to improving the Weapon experience in the game, allowing each weapon, like heroes, to showcase their unique roles and use cases. In this update, they are further fine-tuning recoil to provide stronger feedback.

Weapon damage will also be adjusted in the following ways:

Shotgun’s damage was nerfed a bit too much last time, and they are rebuffing them a bit. Headshot damage of sniper rifles like Bar 95 and Starwind will be increased so that there will be a clearer distinction from automatic rifles equipped with high scopes.

Furthermore, the performance of AK, Mad Rat, and MF181 seemed a bit too strong, so their single-shot damage will be reduced. 

In the new version, developers will temporarily remove the Rhino weapon. Under the current combat system, it seems a bit difficult to counter. They will closely monitor these adjustments to provide a relatively balanced gaming environment.

Adjustment to Sensitivity Settings

Finally to enhance the game’s smoothness, developers are adjusting sensitivity settings. Yes, you can customize them according to their preferences. It’s worth noting that the scope sensitivity for the PC version has been reset to a set of officially recommended settings.

The reason sensitivity keeps being adjusted is that our PC version’s mouse sensitivity has been adapted from mobile settings, and it always felt awkward. Now the default scope sensitivity on PC should finally feel at home with other mainstream PC titles. But do remember, if you don’t like it, you can customize it however you wish.


The 2.3 version update of Farlight 84 is coming on May 30, 2024. This update brings more mainstream sensitivity settings, revamped Lucinda and Ember with new unique skills, and numerous gameplay adjustments and performance optimizations. 

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