Farlight 84 Guide to Creating Your Tournament 

Farlight 84 Guide to Creating Your Tournament 

There are many players who would like to participate in tournaments, but on the other hand, there is a very significant portion of players looking to hold these tournaments. There could be many reasons, like just out of curiosity or trying to know the process, because it is pretty intriguing when you think about it in retrospect. There are also players looking to create a platform within the game for the players to raise the stakes and give more rewards. 

Whatever may be the reason, a fruitful and prosperous gaming community is created when they use such features. There, indeed, is no scarcity of tournaments in the game. There is always some or the other going on in some or the different regions, but the more, the merrier.

Hence, carrying this competitive spirit, today we will discuss how to apply to hold your own tournaments. 

Where is The Application Window?

First, launch your Farlight 84 application. On the home screen, you will be able to view a trophy symbol in the upper central portion of your screen. In it you can see a number of options but you should press on Announcements. The Announcements page currently houses the application window.

Farlight 84 Tournaments Access

Rules and Regulations:

There are many rules and regulations surrounding the tournaments because it is a big thing. The rules that you should know first are:

  • You must apply at least one-month before you are planning to hold this tournament.
  • It should be a stand-alone tournament and not a part of a series.
  • There should be a minimum of 40 players participating.
  • The Finals of the said tournament will be broadcast live.

While these are some of the rules, there are a ton of others, and if you want to dive deep into the rules, you can press on the More Info in the game. We strongly suggest for you to read these rules if you are planning to apply for a tournament.

Application Process:

After you click on apply, you will be redirected to a Google Form. Here, you would need to fill up. It is a rather lengthy form which will take in all the details you will need to provide. From your phone number to your tournament name, there are many personal details to be filled in. There are also a few options at this juncture about about how you want to shape your tournament. It is a lengthy form, which we highly suggest you look through, and if you are really serious about holding a tournament, fill out the form diligently so that the tournament you want to have is created the way you want but in the spectrum of the rules and regulations.


Holding your own tournaments can be intimidating for many, and several players can just get scared by viewing the Google Form, but this should not discourage you from exploring a new and higher-level thing. Today, we have shared the current application process in brief, and we hope we helped in holding your own Farlight 84 tournament. 

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