Farlight 84 Profile Card Background of New Update (V2.2)

Farlight 84 Profile Card Background of New Update (V2.2)

Farlight 84 has a ton of cosmetics to its name. From avatar frames to hero skins to weapon skins to so much more. A significantly lesser-known cosmetic item is the Profile Card Background. If you do not know about this, you can view it yourself after launching your game by tapping on the Heroes option at the bottom of your screen. 

Then tap on any hero you want. Here, on the left-hand side, you have to press the Profile option. Here, you will be able to see all the Profile Card Backgrounds you own. You can choose the one you want to display.

Profile Card Backgrounds are visible in places like before you start the Battle Royale Match; there are a few outstanding survivors, and they are displayed with their Profile Card Backgrounds. Today we are going to discuss about this. This time, the Battle Pass is also free of cost.

Profile Card Backgrounds:

Lightchaser Log: Lightchaser Logis a Super Special Rare background and vibrant. It could have been better. You can get this background by drawing it from the Aurora Excursion lottery. We have discussed about this lottery in length in the past.

Egg Star: Egg Star is a background that follows the theme of the festival Easter. It also could use more tweaks. This can be acquired by redeeming 30 Rare Resource Boxes. You can redeem these in the Featured Events option under the Event and Announcement.

Heroic Gang: Heroic Gang is arguably the best one that has been introduced this time. It captures the theme of the season to the next level. This is a Super Special Rare background, and when you reach Level 42 of Battle Pass’s Advance Tracker.

Light Crystal: Light Crystal is Super Rare one. This one’s name does not make sense because there is a cog rather than a crystal or anything resembling a crystal. You can get this by drawing it from the Aurora Excursion lottery about, which we have talked about in detail in our past articles.

Street Tactic: Street Tactic is a funky one and is excellent. The light touch of neon yellow with the shades of purple goes very well. You can get this by redeeming 150 Farlight Coins in the Redeem option under the Season section.

Farlight 84 Street Tactic

Rabbit Bully: Rabbit Bully is what the its name says. It is a little bit more when you look closely, and this is a Super Rare one. You can get this one by advancing to Level 32 of the Basic Tracker of the Battle Pass.

Farlight 84 Rabbit Bully

Soul Trill: Soul Trill is also the one that stays true to its name. It is a moderately flashy one for a Super Rare one. You can get this relatively quickly, too, and progress to Level 18of Advance Tracker of the Battle Pass. 


The range of Profile Card Backgrounds introduced this season is somewhat disappointing, except for the Heroic Gang one. It is an awesome one. We have created this article for anyone looking to learn how to get these cosmetics.

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