Is Farlight 84 Coming to Consoles?

Is Farlight 84 Coming to Consoles

Farlight 84 is a fairly popular game played by players across platforms. To be precise, it is played mostly on smartphones and PCs. PC is a Personal Computer, and it includes Laptops and Desktop setups. There is an estimated player base of around 169.7 thousand players across platforms. 

Once the game reached the player peak of 41,396 players playing at the same time on PC, there are currently around 10,040 active Farlight 84 players on PC. These very impressive figures show how many players are playing it across the platforms and enjoying this post-apocalyptic world.

The game is very popular and is set to grow further, but is there a gaming console version? Gaming consoles are specialised computer systems specifically designed to play video games. They are different from PCs in a way that on PCs, you can do multiple tasks, but not on gaming consoles. There is a huge number of players who use gamepad controllers and would like to have this game on their gaming consoles. 

Hence, today, we will discuss the questions surrounding the game and its gaming console version.

Farlight 84 Gameplay on PC

Is Farlight 84 coming on Gaming Consoles?

Let’s first determine which gaming consoles are the most prevalent. The current generation of gaming consoles is the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and S and the Nintendo Switch. These are the latest and most popular gaming consoles in the market. Then there is the previous generation of PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. These previous generations are also very prevalent. Nintendo Switch will be shifted to this previous generation later this year.

The above-mentioned gaming consoles are the ones most likely to get Farlight 84. Although there currently is no version for consoles, the developer explicitly confirmed that they will release the game on them. 

In August 2023, in a local Farlight 84 tournament in the Philippines, the game developers discussed the future of Farlight 84, and within it, they confirmed a release on gaming consoles. However, a definite release date was not confirmed.

Farlight 84 Gameplay

When will Farlight 84 Release on Gaming Consoles?

It was initially revealed that a version of Farlight 84 will be released on the Nintendo Switch by the end of 2023. But 2023 has gone by, and no Nintendo Switch version exists. This may be due to the release of the controversial V update and the removal of jetpacks. We expect the Nintendo Switch Version to be released with the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X and S version in 2024. With all the recent backlash, it is very unlikely that a gaming console version will be released before the mid of 2024; even then, it is highly uncertain.


Farlight 84 is a popular game, and just like the PC players joined in the hype, we are sure console players are looking to jump into Isle City for their adventures. Expanding into the gaming console market will be very profitable for the game. We have created this article for those looking for the news regarding the gaming console release.

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