Farlight 84 Crossplay Feature: How to Play Cross-platform

Farlight 84 Crossplay Feature - How to Play Cross-platform

Farlight 84 has gained a lot of popularity in the past year. It provided a very unique experience in the highly saturated Battle Royale Market. Before removing Jetpacks, the game provided you with the option of vertical combat like never before. Now, they are focusing on reintroducing the mobility features in new ways.

While all this is happening, players from different platforms have emerged and shown interest. We are talking about Mobile players, PC players and console players. Unfortunately, no version of Farlight 84 is currently on consoles, but it is slated to release a version in 2024. 

The game can be downloaded on PC through Steam, Android, and iOS through Google Play Store and App Store, respectively. PC means Personal Computer. This includes laptops and Desktops. Steam is a very popular online marketplace for digital games, and you can download Farlight 84 on your PC for free.

As evident, there is a large player base spread across various platforms. Naturally, you will have people you want to play with on different platforms, and a question arises: Can these players on various platforms play together, and if they can, how and what are the rules? 

This is possible through a feature known as Crossplay, which allows players from different platforms to play together. Today, we will discuss Crossplay.

Farlight 84 PC Gameplay

Crossplay in Farlight 84: Playing Cross-platform

The Crossplay function in Farlight 84 is simple. You can easily make friends with players on your PC and mobile. Just a simple friend request will do the job. After you are friends, send a request to join their lobby or ask them to send you a request to join your lobby. You can host up to 4 players in a Farlight 84 lobby. Fortunately, there is no prerequisite for using the crossplay function. After you all are in a lobby, start playing in the mode of your choice.

A question arises: Will the mobile players be matched against these mixed lobbies? It is well-known that the PC players are better as they use the keyboard and mouse. Their movements are more responsive and dynamic. They have a better aim. 

Usually, the PC players are matched with the PC players, and the Mobile players are matched with the mobile players. But when a lobby is mixed with mobile and PC players, what will happen then? When there is a mixed lobby, you will be sent to the PC matchmaking even if you have one PC player and the rest are mobile players. This is for balancing purposes. 

Farlight 84 Mobile Gameplay

How do you know if a person is on PC? It is very easy to see if a person is on PC, as they will have a Steam Icon beside their name. In their playstyle, you will notice that they are more agile and quick.


As the one-year Anniversary celebrations of Farlight 84 are nearing, we are very excited to share with you how to play with your friends on different platforms easily, the basic rules, and what you should expect through the crossplay function.

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