Farlight 84 in-game Shop Explained: How to Buy?

Farlight 84 in-game Shop Explained - How to Buy

Farlight 84 is a free-to-play battle royale game. Naturally, it has a shop for microtransactions, but generally, the shop of Farlight 84 is not talked about much. The good thing is that the microtransactions in Farlight 84 are not predatory. They are forced onto the players, and in this modern era, that is a very positive thing.

The Farlight 84 shop is not anything special. It has many things that you can buy, and usually, players forget about it. Today, we are going to discuss how the shop in the game works and the consumables that are available in the game.

How to access Farlight 84 Shop?

To access the shop, you must open the Farlight 84 application. Then proceed to the home screen, where your hero is displayed. Then look at the upper right corner of the screen, and just below the Battle Pass option, you will find two options: Shop and Lottery. Click on shop, and you will end up in the in-game shop for microtransactions.

Farlight 84 Shop


The shop works somehow similarly to other battle royale games. The only currencies accepted in the shop are diamonds and in-game coins (gold coins). In the shop, there is no option to use real money. Here, you can only use the diamonds and coins. These can be earned throughout the game, and if you want to buy diamonds, you can buy them from a different page where you can use real-world money. You cannot buy gold coins using real-world money in-game. You can even subscribe for the periodic influx of goodies, including diamonds.


The Farlight 84 shop consists of a total of eight sections. Those eight sections and their constituents are as follows:

Farlight 84 in-game Shop
  • Featured: This section usually covers the season’s highlights. Generally, here, there are Battle Pass and two lotteries. Battle Pass being the centre of attention. This section will redirect you to the respective sections, like if you press on the Battle Royale, you will be sent to the Battle Royale page.
  • Heroes: In this section, you can see heroes you own and do not own. The heroes you do not own will have a price tag to them but the heroes you own will be blank. For each hero, you will have an option to use either diamonds or coins.
  • Hero Skins: This section consists of hero skins you own and the ones you can acquire. The hero skins are usually bought only through diamonds. There are also hero skins to be acquired through events, which are mentioned in this section accordingly. The skins you own are greyed.
  • Weapon Skins: This section consists of weapon skins you own and those you can acquire. The weapon skins can generally be bought through diamonds only. If the weapon skin is to be acquired through the event, it is mentioned accordingly. The ones you own are greyed.
  • Vehicle Skins: This section will tell you which vehicle skins can acquired and the ones you own. The own will be greyed out. Usually, you can only use diamonds to buy vehicle skins, and if you are to acquire them through events, it is mentioned accordingly.
  • Decoration: This section comprises four skin categories: Jetpacks, Trails, Pods and the Loot box. The skins can usually be bought only through diamonds. The ones that you own will be greyed out and the ones that can be acquired through events will be displayed accordingly.
  • Custom: This section consists of all the remaining cosmetic consumables. Those are Unique Dances, Stickers, Profile Card Backgrounds, Avatar Frame, Avatars, Profile Frames, Chat Bubbles, Custom Voices and Knockout Broadcasts. The ones that can be bought are generally can only be bought through diamonds and the ones that can be acquired through events are mentioned accordingly. The ones you already own will be greyed out.
  • Other: This section consists of the following consumables: Custom Server Cards, Room Card, Rename Card, Clan Tag Modifier and the Clan Name Modifier. The Custom Server is valid for one day and it can buy alone or in bundles of 7 and 30. These consumables can only be bought using diamonds except the Clan Name Modifier. You can buy it using both diamonds or coins.


That is everything from our side related to the Farlight 84 in-game shop. You can purchase various things mentioned above as per your requirements, be it a new hero or the hero skin. Diamonds play the main role in purchasing anything from the shop, so make sure you have enough diamonds with you before jumping into the shop. You can check our various posts to get diamonds in Farlight 84. 

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