Farlight 84 Best Sensitivity – Guide to Settings

Farlight 84 Best Sensitivity - Guide to Settings

Farlight 84 has many options to personalize your experience; changing the sensitivity in the setting will significantly alter your gameplay experience. With correct Farlight 84 sensitivity settings, you can gain advantages and play your best as the game now suits you. We know that sensitivity will differ from person to person, but we will provide you with the best ones. You can alter them to suit them yourself further. Before starting, let us tell you this is only for mobile users and not for any other platform like PC or iPad.

Farlight 84 Best Sensitivity Settings

In General, turn on the Acceleration and set the Acceleration Value to 54%. 

In Camera, set the Tactical Skill Sensitivity to 102%, the Ultimate Sensitivity to 86%, the Standard View to 200%, the Shoulder-Aim View to 27%, the Red Dot Scope to 101%, the 2x Scope to 34%, the 4x Scope to 87% and the 8x Scope to 48%. This is the camera rotation control sensitivity while not fighting.

In Firing, set the Standard View to 136%, Shoulder-Aim View to 75%, Red Dot Scope to 86%, 2x Scope to 70%, 4x Scope to 65% and 8x Scope to 41%. This camera rotation controls sensitivity while in shooting mode and is relative to the recoil.

In Viewfinder, set the Capsular and Vehicle to 100%. This is the control for the sensitivity of field of view rotation through the observation joystick.

In Vehicle, set the Driver’s View to 101%, the Vehicle Weapon Continuous Fire to 101%, the Vehicle 2x Scope to 51%, the Vehicle 2x Scope Firing to 51%, Vehicle 4x Scope to 31%, the Vehicle 4x Scope Firing to 31%, Vehicle 8x Scope to 16% and the Vehicle 8x Scope Firing to 16%. It controls the sensitivity of field of view rotation while in a vehicle.

In Gyroscopic Sensitivity, set the Standard View to 327%, the Shoulder-Aim View to 300%, the Red Dot Scope to 256%, the 2x Scope to 195%, the 4x Scope to 188% and the 8x Scope to 68%. You are to use the Gyroscope to control the field of view rotation sensitivity. 

Farlight Best General Settings

In Weapon, keep the Aim Assist and the Automatically switch weapons when out of ammo ON. Set the Aim Mode to Hold. Set the Bolt-Action Sniper Fire Mode and Single Shot Shotgun Fire Mode to Tap to Fire. Turn off the Hold ADS to view while rotating and the Interrupt Reload. Turn on the Quick-Switch Scope Button. Turn off the Vehicle Weapon Auxiliary Sight. 

In Battle, set the Gyroscope to ON WHEN ADS. Turn off the Gyroscope Horizontal Reverse and the Gyroscope Vertical Reverse. Keep the Skill Casting Mode on Cast on Release. You should keep the Enemy Outline Border and Screen Special Effects when being hit to ON. Turn off the Auto-overcome obstacles while sprinting. Set the Climb Sensitivity to Medium. Keep the Damage Numbers to Stacked. Turn on the Squadmate icons, and the Marker display will be off-screen. 

For Graphics, we suggest keeping the highest possible settings if your device is capable of it. Turn off the Internal Anti-Aliasing Switch. Turn on the External Anti-Aliasing Switch, and Dynamic Shadow. Keep the Alternative Display Screen as Default. You can max out the field of view, but you should test this to see how much you want and set it accordingly.


Choosing the Farlight 84 best settings for your gameplay can be intimidating at first because there are so many options. Even if you cannot understand all that, we have created this guide for you. Just follow it, and you will get the standard best settings, which you can change according to your needs.

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