Farlight 84 Creation League (FCL) Challenge (April 2024): Birthday Celebration

Farlight 84 Creation League (FCL) Challenge (April 2024) - Birthday Celebration

The FCL Monthly Challenge is here, and this one may be the most special yet. This is because Farlight 84 is fast approaching its first anniversary. This time, the FCL Monthly Challenge has a wider scope and wants to focus on the game’s birthday. FCL is Farlight 84 Creation League. This time, FCL aims to make the One-Year Anniversary special, so it wants the participants to create artwork with a Farlight 84 Birthday Theme. This artwork should be a drawing or graphic design.

Requirements to participate in FCL Challenge: Birthday challenge

  • The recommended size of your artwork is 1080X1080 Pixels.
  • Though you are using creative liberty, you are to use at least TWO Farlight 84 heroes.
  • The theme of your artwork should be the Farlight 84 Birthday Theme.
  • The artwork you submit should be neutral and culturally appropriate. Any sarcastic, offensive and/or references are to be avoided.
  • Only new and original artwork will be accepted and eligible for rewards. Re-submission of any submission made in the past will not be considered. 
  • Make your submission only through this google form

Deadline: Until April 14, 2024.

FCL Monthly Challenge: Birthday Celebration Rewards

Your submitted artwork will be judged, and rewards will be awarded. The higher the rank, the higher the rewards. You will be allocated points based on the quality of your work, and the minimum point for receiving rewards is 5.0. The maximum number of points you can achieve is 10.0. Your rewards will be in-game diamonds. The ranks and rewards are:

  1. Master Category: This is the highest rank achievable. You will be eligible for this top rank when you earn points between 8.6 and 10.0. If you are in this rank, you will earn 1,000 in-game diamonds. The winning submitted artwork will be displayed on every official social media channel of the game, and the creator will be given credit for their work.
  2. Advanced Category: Welcome to the second rank. You will be eligible for this rank when you earn points between 7.6 and 8.5. Here, you will earn 800 in-game diamonds. Like the Master Category, the winning artwork will also be displayed on all of the game’s social media channels, and the creator will be given credit.
  3. Intermediate Category: Welcome to the third rank. You must earn points between 6.6 and 7.5 to qualify for this rank. If in this rank, you will be rewarded 500 in-game diamonds.
  4. Basic Category: Welcome to the fourth rank. You must earn points between 5.0 and 6.5 to qualify for this rank. This rank will reward you with 200 in-game diamonds.

You can even get a chance to join the FCL Club. The merits of joining the FCL Club are: 

  • If you become an FCL Artist, you can complete the FCL tasks and requests and earn several diamonds.
  • Through this opportunity, you will be able to display your artistic side and connect with the community.
  • For your avatar, you will even earn an exclusive Master Artist frame.
  • This will let you promote your artwork through Farlight 84’s official social media channels.


The FCL Monthly Challenge will help you promote your artistic skills and love for the game. This being the birthday special, there will be more promotions and stuff; hence, it is the perfect opportunity to mix your love for the game with your creative art side. We have created this article for those looking to learn about this event.

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