Farlight 84 New Avatar Frames of New Update (V2.2)

Farlight 84 New Avatar Frames of New Update (V2.2)

This season commemorates the first year of the completion of Farlight 84, and the players have received quite a few rewards and incentives for playing the game. One of the most prominent is that the Battle Pass is free of cost for everyone. This implies that along with the already free-of-cost Basic Tracker, the Advance Tracker is also free-of-cost this season.

While many new cosmetics were added this season, we get a bunch of the avatar frames and we will discuss about them today and you can earn them because you cannot get them directly through the in-game diamonds or gold.

Avatar Frames:

1. S1 Capsuler:

S1 Capsuler is the only new Ultra Rare avatar frame introduced this season. It has a magnificent frame and extra cool animations.To acquire this wondrous frame, you would need to redeem 350 Farlight Coins in the Redeem option under the Season section. 

2. FPC Avatar Frame:

FPC Avatar Frame is a Super Special Rare frame that is well designed. The excellent combination of purple and yellow colours, coupled with some moderate amounts of animations, goes a long way.

3. Aurora Caller:

Aurora Caller is a Super Special frame and is very glamorous. It is a frame whose name suits it perfectly.  It even has moderate amounts of animation. To get this frame, you need to draw it from the Aurora Excursion we covered in our previous articles.

4. Fairy Egg: 

Fairy Egg, as the name suggests, is a rather flashy one. It seemed to be based somewhat on the festival Easter, and it is a Super Special Rare frame. It has outstanding animations, especially the ones that make the eggs glow. You can get your hands on this frame by redeeming the 10 Rare Resource Box in the Featured Event option under the Event and Announcement section.

5. Aurora Recorder:

Aurora Recorder is like a toned-down version of the Aurora Caller, but rightfully so, as it is just a Super Rare frame. It has no extra animation. It has a good colour combination. This frame can also be drawn from a lottery we discussed earlier, the Aurora Excursion lottery. You can check out previous articles about this lottery.

6. Gang Alpha:

Gang Alpha is an aggressive-looking frame with no extra animations. The colour combination of black and red works very well on this Super Rare frame. To get this frame, you must advance to Level 61 of the Advance Tracker of the Battle Pass.

7. Raw Gangsta:

Raw Gangsta is a very plain frame. It is a bit aggressive but nothing more than that, but this is to be expected of a Rare frame. It has no extra animations. To get this frame, you will need to get to the Basic Tracker’s Level 69 of the Battle Pass. 


We got pretty good and cool-looking avatar frames this time around, but acquiring them can be confusing. I fully hope that you earn them and that our guide was able to provide you with enough insights to get these cosmetics.

Author – Kabir Qureshi

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