Farlight 84 New Vehicle and Jetpack Skins of New Update (V2.2)

Farlight 84 New Vehicle and Jetpack Skins of New Update (V2.2)

There were a ton of cosmetics that was dropped this V update and a very interesting thing is that none of these can be bought directly using the in-game diamond or gold but they are to be earned in other ways. This approach where the player will need to earn these rewards is a very good approach.

Also this time the Battle Pass is free of cost. This means that everyone playing will be able to access the Advanced Tracker and Basic Tracker free of cost. There are a few more thing to know about how to earn these cosmetics and that is what we are going to discuss today. We will discuss about the New Vehicle and Jetpack skins in specific in this article.

Vehicle Skins:

1. Hoverbike: 

The Hover category’s proud member, Hoverbike has got a new Super Rare skin, the Egg Coaster. It is a skin very well suited for this vehicle. You can acquire this awesome skin by progressing to Level 40 of the Advance Tracker of the Battle Pass.

2. Wastleland Hovercraft: 

The very awesome and fan favourite Wasteland Hovercraft has got a new Rare skin known as the Reggae Racer. This skin is fairly easy to get. You will need to advance to Level 15 of the Battle Pass’s Basic Tracker.

3. Air Beast:

The vehicle known for the sheer fun and how you can feel to have a jetpack, the Air Beast has got a new Rare skin known as the Purple Titanium. It is not an impressive skin and getting it can take a little effort. You will need to draw this skin in the Aurora Excursion lottery and we have discussed about this lottery in deatil in our past articles.

Jetpack Skins:

1. Vintage Keepsake:

The Vintage Keepsake is a Super Special Rare skin. It is a very unique-looking skin but its quirkiness compliments it. And you can get this very cool skin by redeemin 80 Rare Resource Boxes. You can redeem these boxes in the Featured Events option under the Event and Announcement section. This surely can be a pain to collect 80 Rare Resource Boxes but the skin is equally good looking.

2. Thunder Flow:

Thunder Flow is a very aggressive-looking and the attention to detail is very remarkable. This is very Super Special Rare skin. You will need to advance to Level 30 of the Advance Tracker of the Battle Pass. 

3. Neon Frog:

Neon Frog, to its credit is a very quirky looking skin which some might look. It is very unique. It is a Super rare skin and you get this very easily by progressing to Level 3 of the Advance Tracker of the Battle Pass.

4. Caution Line:

Caution Line is a very mediocre skin, a small bit of more work would have made it awesome looking. You can acquire this Rare skin by advancing to Level 10 of the Battle Pass’s Basic Tracker.

5. Rebel Memoir:

Rebel Memoir is a very basic looking skin. It looks like a Japanese School bag. You can earn this Rare skin by getting to Level 70 of the Basic Tracker of the Battle Pass.


We believe that in the vehicle and jetpack section, we should have got more better looking skins and even the newly introduced ones could have been better. And for the players looking into ways to getting these skins, we have created this guide for you.

Author – Kabir Qureshi

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