Farlight 84 New Trails and Pod Skins of New Update (V2.2)

Farlight 84 New Trails and Pod Skins of New Update (V2.2)

The community often discusses about the big new cosmetics like the hero skins and vehicles but little discussion is about the new skins of trails and pod skins. We did get a bunch of them and some of them are excellent-looking. 

One thing to note is that none of these skins can be bought directly through the in-game diamonds and gold. You will need to earn these skins or there is some or the other twist in getting them. As this season commemorates the completion of the first year of the game, this time the Battle Pass is free-of-cost, making the Advance Tracker available to all free of cost along with the already free-of-cost Basic Tracker. 

Trail Skins:

1. Blood Oath

Blood Oath is genuinely a very awesome looking skin. It is a Super Special Rare and the players who prefer the blood colour or similar aspects will love this. You can acquire this skin by advancing to Level 85 of the Battle Pass’s Advance Tracker.

2. Radiant Meadow

Radiant Meadow is an interesting take on the green trails but it looks very awesome. It would be a very great match for the players who prefer aggressive portrayal of green colour. This skin has to be drawn from the Aurora Excursion lottery which we have discussed about in our past articles.   

3. Wild Mode

Wild Mode is a very decent skin. It is good enough as it is a Super Rare skin. It does look like a toned down version of a Super Special Rare skin. To obtain this skin you will need to redeem 250 Farlight Coins in the Redeem option under the Season section.

4. Colorful Ribbon

Colorful Ribbon is also a very good looking skin. This is perfect for the players looking for some colourful trails. You can obtain this Super Rare skin by progressing to Level 58 of Battle Pass’s Advance Tracker.

5. Sweet Dreams

Sweet Dreams is a skin that stays true to its name. We can not imagine any other skin design better suited for this name. You can get this Super Rare skin by drawing it in the Aurora Excursion Lottery about which we have discussed in length in our past articles.

6. Special Strike

Special Strike is like very toned down version of the Blood Oath or Wild Mode. This is a Rare skin and you can acquire this skin by reaching Level 75 of the Battle Pass’s Basic Tracker.

Pod Skin:

1. Gang Gathering

Gang Gathering is the only skin introduced for the pods but the design is very impressive. The attention to detail is remarkable and it sticks true to the theme of the season. This is a Super Rare skin and to obtain this skin, you will need to redeem a total of 40 Rare Resource Boxes. You will need to redeem these boxes in the Features Events option under the Event and Announcement section.


The skin like Blood Oath is a very impressive skins and overall this time around we did get some very good trails and even though this article is ending, we want that the trails you earn leave a very lasting print in the enemy’s memory you kill and we hope this guide helped you.

Author – Kabir Qureshi

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