Farlight 84: How to Create a Custom Server?

Farlight 84 - How to Create a Custom Server

Farlight 84 has a very personalised feature in it. It is a feature that lets you create your own Area Conflict games. You can personalise these games to your needs. This feature is called making a custom server. It is a convenient feature that the players should be aware of. 

You can use these custom servers to play matches in a new way. There are many filter options and such which you can explore. Today, we will dive into the details of these custom servers.

Where is the Custom Server Option in Farlight 84?

First, open your Farlight 84 application. Then press the panel just above the Battle button in the bottom left corner. This panel is the mode panel and will let you choose which mode you want to play in. Here, you will be able to find the Custom Server on the list on the left-hand side. 

Here, you can first see all the available custom servers you can join if you meet their requirements. Usually, they would not have any requirements, but at times, they do. You can filter the search by press and searching servers in your preferred regions. These regions include Asia, Europe, North America, South America and MENA. You can also keep the default No Limit option for no filter in regions. You can refresh the server list by pressing the Refresh button in the upper right corner. 

On the bottom right there are two buttons. First is search, and after the Server ID, you can search your preferred server. Second is the Create Button, which we will discuss further.


The most basic and essential requirement for creating a server is owning a Custom Server Card. This can be bought in the Shop in the Other option. 

Creating a Custom Server

Currently, a custom server is only used to make custom Area Conflict games. After you click the Create Room option, you will be able to see the settings you can alter before creating a server. You can control the number of players participating, a maximum of 30 and a minimum of 6. Then you can set the number of minimum players needed to start a match with a maximum of 6 and a minimum of 3.

You can also add Player level restriction, with a maximum restriction of level 100 and a minimum limitation of level 7. You can also keep a restriction on which kind of platform players you want. You can either allow them all or keep Mobile Only or PC Only. You can also filter between the regions where you wish this server to be available. The regions mentioned above in the articles are applicable here, too. Finally, you can add a description of a maximum of 100 characters to your custom server. At the bottom, you can also name your server and set a 6-digit password to let selected players enter.

Advanced Settings

Before creating a room, you can see an Advanced Setting option. Here, you can filter which weapons and vehicles you want or do not want to be available on your server. This is a handy function to create your server unique and try out things using these advanced settings.


Finally, you can create your server by pressing the Create a Server button. A custom server card lasts up to 1 Day, and in the Create a Server button, you can choose the duration you want, with the maximum being 30 days, meaning 30 cards. The minimum is one day. And like this, you have created your custom server.

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