Best Farlight 84 Tips and Tricks to Play the Game

Best Farlight 84 Tips and Tricks to Play the Game

Farlight 84 is a fast-paced multiplayer shooter, and climbing up the leagues can be tough due to the skill barriers. There are so many aspects a player needs to keep in mind while playing a game, like your character’s skills, enemies’ skills, the type of weapons that are equipped, and so much more. While there is no definite guide with a sure shot path to the top, we will discuss our Farlight 84 top tips and tricks that you should keep in mind and implement while playing the game.

Tips and Tricks to play Farlight 84

Do not use stairs

Do not use stairs when you are uncertain of your safety in buildings. This is because most players camp down the stairs, and this is a very traditional ambush technique. Because there are no common throwables, fending off these campers will be much more difficult. Try to get into using windows and surprise them.

Crouch Spamming

When you encounter an enemy close to mid-range, spam the crouch button multiple times and keep on shooting while you are spamming the button. This works in Farlight 84 and will confuse the enemies. Getting used to it will take some time, but it will work like a charm in getting kills.


When in crouch mode, the character will walk slower. This will let you walk quietly around without making any footsteps, and the enemy will be oblivious to your presence. This is best while hiding or/and reviving your teammates.

Jump Spamming

If you are uncomfortable with crouch spamming, you can also opt for jump spamming. It will work similarly to the crouch spamming and confuse the enemies.

Training Ground

The name describes what you need to do here. Train yourself here and try the new things you want to try. Here, you have access to all the weapons, attachments, and vehicles. There are also basic training dummies where you can practice your aim. You can try out new guns and vehicles here to learn more about the game.

High Ground

The old tactic of having the high ground is advantageous in any Battle Royale game, including Farlight 84. It gives you a better view and more positioning over your enemies. You also have natural cover here.

Care Packages

Rush to the care package drops if you need good equipment, but if you are late and feel it is unsafe, wait a considerable distance to ambush the enemies. A sniper rifle is recommended here.

Shield Stands

Always target the shield icons on your maps. This will let you level up your shields faster. Even if you don’t land near these shield stands, try to travel to them. It is recommended that you have a high shield to survive.


Farlight 84 is a complex game, and one can spend hours trying to understand and master the game. to make your time easier with the game, here are some tips and tricks, and we will be sharing more in future.

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