Why you should be Playing Farlight 84?

Why you should be Playing Farlight 84

Farlight 84 is a multiplayer hero shooter that will complete its first year soon. There have been many ups and downs. The recent one is the removal of jetpacks, and due to the removal of jetpacks, many players have left the game or are unsure if they are willing to give it more time.

We strongly believe the Farlight 84 is still a game worth playing, even after the removal of jetpacks. Even after a cardinal feature from gameplay has been removed, we believe that the previously overshadowed features of the game will come to light. We will list a few reasons to solidify our belief that you should be playing Farlight 84.

Reasons to Play Farlight 84


If you like your games centred around mobility and movement, then you should play Farlight 84. Though jetpacks have been removed, new features like JetSlide provide fun traversal mechanics. There is even an upward wall run to provide more mobility. The cherry on top is that the game developers are working on more mobility-centred features.

Farlight 84 V2.1 JetSlide Use 2

Shield Abundance

Farlight 84 is a game with the mechanic that the player has a normal health bar and shield bar. While finding shield bar filling equipment in other games is tedious, it is very easy to level up your shield in Farlight 84 and the unnecessary grind is lowered.

Simple yet good Gun System

There are quite a few guns in Farlight 84. These guns even have options of attachments. Though there are several attachments available, the game is very simple. The rarer the attachment, the better it is. There is no complex system of trade-offs or such here.


Farlight 84 is a game mainly centred around its heroes and their skills. There are several heroes to choose from.

They belong to four main categories: AttackDefenceScout and Support. This makes the game wide enough for any player to get into. Each hero is better than others in different situations, though there are some community favourites. You can learn about each hero and have fun in your way.


There are too many vehicles in the game. There are so many in numbers which go unnoticed. You can do so many things using these vehicles. You can fly, drive around, shoot missiles, hover and much more than you previously imagined. The vehicles such as War Falcon are very complex but fun to use.


In recent times, Farlight 84’s popularity has decreased due to the removal of the jetpack, but we still believe you should be playing the game. Still, you can mess around in the vehicles on the new map and have equal and even more fun than ever. The one-year anniversary is also nearing, and we are eagerly awaiting what the game developers have in store. So many facets are yet to be explored, and the game developers have promised to bring more features to the table soon.

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