Farlight 84: Developers Q&A Session Analysis

Farlight 84 - Developers Q&A Session Analysis

Farlight 84 has been experiencing massive changes for the past few months, and as the one-year anniversary is near, the game’s community channels have been flooded with questions and suggestions. These range from questions regarding ping to suggestions regarding gameplay that would improve the gameplay experience. 

Recently, there was a post on the content creator section of Farlight 84 discord channel. The post basically consisted of selective questions and suggestions and the game developers’ answers to them. The answers to some of these questions were interesting, and today, we would like to discuss some of those questions and their answers to gain a deeper understanding of the developers’ thinking and how the game is going to progress.

Farlight 84 Questions and Answers Session

Q1. I often hear gunshots in the game, but there are no players around.

A1. We’re addressing this issue in version 2.2. We are also restructuring the audio system to rectify a range of audio issues.

Analysis: For the past few months, players have reported hearing gunshots but no enemies around. This problem is not very common, but it’s not rare. The game developers have promised to resolve this issue.

Q2. Can Clans have a capacity of more than 40 people? 

A2. For creators wishing to increase their capacity, we suggest giving specific reasons to Farlight 84. Currently, we don’t have any plans to change this.

Analysis: Content creators have long requested increasing clan capacity. They wish to create huge clans with their community. Generally, if you join a Discord server, it will have more than 40 players. Hence, to bring these massive pools of players together, the capacity should be increased significantly.

Q3. Could you implement map rotation?

A3. In the short term, we’re not considering this. Additionally, Lampton will be disabled later. We’ll reassess the map rotation feature after the new map goes live.

Analysis: Map rotation is a new feature that has been in talks for a while. Currently, the maps still have their fair share of problems that they need to deal with, but when the maps are optimised, the map rotation feature will truly help the players.

Q4. Could you reward each hero with special skin when they reach the highest mastery level? 

A4. We are working on a growth system to bring this idea to life.

Analysis: This is an awesome feature for rewarding players for the hours they put into mastering the game. This system could be ranked based on whether the player reaches the highest rank, his main hero gets an exclusive skin, or when the hero is maxed out, he receives a special skin. This is not clear, but hopefully, this will be implemented soon.


While there were more questions like increasing and bringing more in-game activities for increased player engagement and how the gamepad support is increasing, the above discussed are the most important questions, and we have analysed them for you.

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