Farlight 84 New Battle Pass – Advance Tracker, Farlight Coins and More

Farlight 84 New Update - SSR Weapon Skin - Invader - Nova Nightmare 

Farlight 84 will get the V2.2 update, and the test servers for the next versions are up and running. This update will bring multiple good changes and new features to the game. One such new thing is that the game is revamping the Battle Pass. Battle Pass is being expanded significantly, and several new elements are going to be added. The Battle Pass now has sections and stuff, and overall, it is going to have a very positive update.

Battle Pass is very important to many players and for the game itself. If they do not maintain it at a substantial quality, they will lose a chunk of their revenue. The change is also very substantial; hence, we are going to look at the new Battle Pass features coming with the V2.2 update and how it will work.

Farlight 84 New Battle Pass

The new Battle Pass is going to have five sections in it. In the game’s new version, you can find the Battle Pass in the bottom left of your screen. There, you will need to press the Season option. Season here is used as a synonym for Battle Pass. The five different sections and their information are:

Advanced Tracker

This will let you keep track of your progress in your Battle Pass. One very positive thing is that the Battle Pass for this upcoming season will be free. You will earn 600 more in-game diamonds if you complete this upcoming season’ Battle Pass. The Battle Pass consists of many things, from hero skins to in-game gold and diamonds. More importantly, from here, you can earn the game’s new currency, Farlight Coins. We will discuss them further in the article.

Farlight 84 Anniversary Update - Advanced Tracker

Season Highlights

This section will cover all the highlights of the ongoing season. It essentially is the advertisement section for the season. This is a good quality of life change for the consumers.


This is just the good old leaderboard and will show you rankings.


This section is interesting. It will most likely have small missions that will give you small rewards, like how we got little amounts of gold through the missions. One more thing could be that these could be linked to the Battle Pass progression in some way and will help you gain more points, but this is speculation, though the first one is more likely to be true.


The Redeem section is the next vital section under the Battle Pass umbrella. We talked about Farlight coins above. These coins can be used to redeem rewards from the Redeem section. Here, pretty sweet rewards are available, like a very cool avatar case, and new cards are also being introduced through the Redeem section. This is a much-appreciated quality-of-life change.

Farlight 84 New Update - Farlight Coins


The Battle Pass has been a topic of discussion across the gaming landscape for a very long time. At least for this season, we would like you to participate in the Battle Pass because it is going to be completely free and reward you heavily.

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