Farlight 84 Currencies: Gold, Diamonds, and Farlight Coins Explained

Farlight 84 Currencies Gold, Diamonds, and Farlight Coins Explained

Farlight 84’s version 2.2 will bring a lot of new features and changes to it. One such new thing is the introduction of new in-game currency. Farlight 84 has not been predatory in terms of microtransactions. There are microtransactions but they are very limited in nature and the game does not force them on you like other similar games do.

Farlight 84 is a free-to-play live service game. Naturally, the need for a sustainable stream of revenue and the buying of currency is the key to it. With a new currency being introduced, what better time than now to discuss how the currency system works in the game and how you can earn these currencies?

Farlight 84 Diamonds

This is the game’s expensive currency. Unlike Gold, Diamonds can be bought through microtransactions. You can buy Diamonds when you click the “+” next to the number of Diamonds you already own. You can also buy bundles, and you can even buy weekly and monthly subscriptions, ensuring an excellent supply of Diamonds. 

You can even sign in and buy weekly and monthly cards or even a super membership to gain Diamonds. Diamonds are generally used to buy the Legendary and Mythic in-game cosmetic items. You can get a very substantial amount of diamonds from the Battle Pass. You can earn huge amounts of diamonds through tournaments, and the FCL Monthly Challenge rewards you with good amounts of Diamonds.

Farlight 84 Gold

This is the most common currency in the game. Gold is usually used to buy in-game items and cosmetics, which are of a lesser rarity than Legendary and Mythic. A really good example is that you can use only Gold in the Elite Pack in the lottery section. Interesting thing about Gold is that you cannot buy it in-game. There is no microtransaction tied to it whatsoever. This means you will need to earn Gold the old-fashioned way, good old farming. 

One of the best ways to acquire Gold is by progressing through the ranks. As you reach the next rank, you are awarded with Gold and that in substantial amounts. You can amass Gold from ranks but only get the rewards once, meaning if you are demoted and then rise to the rank again, the claimed reward will not be duplicated. 

One smaller way to acquire Gold is by completing missions. Here, you will get a very low amount of Gold, but when you complete all the missions and open all the chests, you will have a good lumpsum. You can even earn substantial amounts of Gold from the Battle Pass. If you have a free one, you will get a good amount, but if you buy the Battle Pass, you gain an excellent amount of Gold. There are a few other ways, like when you draw your own reward. It is converted into a proportionate amount of Gold, or you can even win it in tournaments.

Farlight 84 Coins

This is the new currency. You can use it to buy skins from the store. The amount of coins you have will be reset every season.

Farlight 84 New Update - Farlight Coins


While many changes are coming to Farlight 84 with the V2.2 update, one is a new currency. The game now has three currencies, and for those looking to learn more about them, we have created this article.

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