Farlight 84 First Anniversary (April 18) Update V2.2 – Chapter 2 Season 1

Farlight 84 First Anniversary (April 2024) Update - Version 2.2

Farlight 84 is about to hit its one-year mark. This anniversary update V2.2 is scheduled to release on April 18, 2024. It’ll bring you a lot of new features, including the new Season system, sleek user interfaces, revamped heroes, game balance adjustments, and so much more. But that’s not all. There will be a series of unprecedented events and activities, in and out of the game. These include anniversary rewards, in-game items, and official merchandise!

Farlight 84 One-Year Anniversary Update Patch Notes

New Season System

In the past, in-game rewards were all over the place. We would spend so much time in the lobby, clicking away like a crazy boy just to claim all kinds of rewards. Well, here’s the all-new Season System. In this new system, each season will last 3 months, each with unique themes and challenges. The new season design will provide us with a clearer sense of goals and participation. Through what? Through: Triumph Tracker.

Now, Rank task, Battle Pass, and Daily task will all be combined into the new “Triumph Tracker”. Triumph Tracker is way more concentrated and efficient. You only need to focus on levelling up the Triumph Tracker and get all kinds of rewards. Just battle, complete tasks, level up, and get the rewards. By the way, rewards are upgraded as well.

Like, there’s a free SSR skin in the Tracker once certain levels are reached. And way more rewards after the Paid Tracker is unlocked. Also, you’re tired of only getting golds in the game after you have maxed your levels. So this season, we will get an all-new currency: “Farlight Coins’. Farlight Coins can be used in the Farlight Store for various cosmetic items. In this update, you can use Farlight Coins to redeem Maggie’s new upgradable SSR Skin, “Firestorm Major.”

The good news is that Farlight Coins won’t be reset, so you can save them season after season. Celebrating this special anniversary update, the Advanced Tracker will be unlocked for FREE for everyone in V2.2! Just update the game on April 18, 2024, and you’ll see the Tracker unlocked right there.

For future seasons, the duration will also be prolonged to 3 months with much-upgraded rewards. The price of the Advanced Tracker will also change to 1,299 diamonds.

Free to play players, no worries, you’ll get lots of rewards and resources, and your gameplay will not be affected at all. This free Tracker is just a taste of the anniversary festivities. There are plenty more surprises in the coming days and weeks.

New Lobby

After this update, themed season content and player squad info will be more prominent in the lobby. New Tracker tasks will also be easily accessible. The interface will be buttery smooth and well-optimized. As if it isn’t cool enough, take a look at your character and equipment right here in the lobby.

The Starting Platform is also simplified. First, there is a more stylish and streamlined matchmaking window. Also, you can now enter a warm-up match while you wait instead of doing nothing on the platform. This new visual style is part of how Farlight 84 will be—fresh and cutting-edge. You’ll certainly see more of it in future updates.

Hero Changes


Phantom has always been a standout hero in Farlight 84. In this new update, there will be some adjustments to her skills. Her first Tactical Skill, Portable Scout, allows her to throw a scanning device towards a target location, obtaining the enemy position. Her passive skill has now returned, granting increased damage when scoring headshots with a sniper.

Additionally, she now has a brand-new Tactical Skill, Phantom Crash. This skill allows her to put a trap earring that pops up and activates when the enemy comes close, dealing increasing damage over time within its radius. It’s worth mentioning that her signature ult, Optical Camo, has undergone some balancing adjustments. When groups go invisible and coordinate with teammates, it creates difficult situations to counter. So in this update, Phantom will only turn herself invisible after casting her ult while providing a speed boost to teammates. But be cautious—getting too close to enemies weakens the effect. 

While in stealth mode, weapons will be holstered, and any attack action will stop the stealth mode immediately. Phantom is ready to dive into the chaos of this update.


In this update, the rockstar Maychelle also gained a new tactical skill. Sonic Tracking, Maychelle releases a scan in a fan-shaped area ahead. If enemies are detected, Maychelle’s cute little rabbits will appear. These rabbits are in the same number as the enemies, and will dash towards them, slowing them down and revealing their position. You better watch out! Don’t get caught up!

Other Changes

In addition to Phantom and Maychelle, all heroes have some adjustments:

Speed reduction on damage

This update focuses on the relationship between damage and character speed. Maintaining precise aim in intense battles is typically a challenge, especially when your enemies are constantly on the move. A new mechanism of universal damage slowdown will be introduced in this update. Now, being attacked by enemies will result in a temporary reduction in movement speed. If you’re in Sprint or are receiving a speed buff, you’re still affected, but to a lesser degree.

However, their speed won’t be affected if a hero performs a slide or jump action when taking damage. This is because these movements are inertial and thus aren’t impacted by the attack. Now, you can aim more accurately with less pressure in the battles.

Jetslide and Jump

On the other hand, jetslides and jumps will become more important for evading enemies and counterattacks. The Jetslide is also improved.

Now, it’s even smoother and responsive. You can now cast skills while jetsliding. You can also crouch in mid-air to jetslide, which applies to both side and backward jump. This means that whether you’re on the ground or in the air, you can jetslide anytime, enhancing your ability to evade attacks.

HP Changes

Some general settings have also been changed to provide a more balanced and fair experience. Previously, different base health points reflected the balance between characters of different sizes. Now, all characters have the same HP. Instead, there will be balance adjustment based on the character’s head and body size. For example, larger characters will receive additional damage reduction and immunity to slowing effects when hit.


This update includes several adjustments to firearms. We have fine-tuned the handling of all weapons, particularly focusing on their recoil and rate of fire, especially when firing from the hip. This has resulted in increased bullet spread and a slight decrease in the rate of fire, making it more challenging to hit enemies accurately. 

Gun Attachments

Additionally, the assembly logic for scopes, magazines, stocks, and muzzles has been adjusted to categorize them into four types: submachine guns, sniper rifles, shotguns, and rifles. This requires players to select magazine types based on the weapon category. If your long-term strategy involves using a sniper rifle, collecting sniper rifle attachments early in the match might be wise.

Furthermore, as heroes level up, they will also increase their firearm specialization level, thereby affecting weapons’ base damage. The value of weapons and attachments found inside golden chests will also be enhanced, and they will be evenly distributed across the map. Don’t forget to open them!

Skill Cast

Moreover, you can now cast your skills in more scenarios. For example, Ember can cast his skills while reloading. So can Beau, Captain, Phantom, and Watchman with their skills.

Sunder Realms Changes

The new map, “Sunder Realms,” has been out for a while, and there are still changes happening. Some strongholds did not foster enough intense battles and mobility, which was not wanted.

  • Jump pads and ziplines are added again to add more vertical and horizontal depths to battles. 
  • The map display is simplified.
  • Removed some text info, such as tasks/vehicle Switch/high-value resource area. They are replaced with more intuitive event prompts. You can now quickly understand what’s happening on the map, and make decisions more timely.
  • Optimized the display of the minimap as well as some UI elements. 

There are also some important NEW THINGS and adjustments coming to the map.

The Revive System will have a new mechanism. When the Safe Zone first shrinks, respawners will be disabled. Upon your first death, you must wait for the entire team to be eliminated before returning to the battlefield together, or you can respawn after waiting for a maximum of 60 seconds.

New Device – Revival Device

Introducing a brand new device: the Revival Device. Did this happen to you? Your teammate died far away, and it’s just not possible to revive them in time. This will be addressed in the new Revive System.

The Revival Device can revive all fallen teammates, no matter where they died. However, after the teammates are revived, the Revival Device will slowly disappear and can’t be used again.

This means you can ambush your enemies at the Revival Device – perhaps they’re already on the way to revive their teammates. Fights will be more intense.

New Element – Extended Item

There’s also a new game element in the game: Extended Item, which will enhance your combat and survival abilities. These items are:

  • Magazine Pouch
  • Medical Container
  • Shield Storage

Each of them can increase the maximum number of items you can carry. Equip a Magazine Pouch, and you get more ammo capacity. Equip a medical container, and you get more medical kit capacity, and so on. 

These Extended Items come in different qualities; higher-quality items provide more carry capacity and additional attributes. For example, the highest-level Medical Container and Shield Storage can accelerate the use of medical kits and shield chargers.

Finally, there’s a Helmet feature. You no longer have to worry about getting headshots from afar without any protection. But note that, unlike Shield, helmets cannot be upgraded. The Catapult will also receive upgrades with some interesting expansions. You can even do a double jump!

In the new version, you’ll gain hero XP alongside Shield XP. So, this device will become even more important. Don’t forget to collect it! And that wraps up the combat-related adjustments in this update.

Advanced Tracker – Rebel BFFs

This Tracker will be introducing the first-ever UR hero skin and weapon skin! Let’s take a look.

UR Hero Skin – Captain – Tough Style

Whoa! That’s a bad bad boy…!

UR Weapon Skin – Stellar Wind – Furry Bully

Surviving on the streets requires more than just words.

SSR Skin – Momoi – Spades Lady

Schoolgirl Momoi seems to be hiding some secrets…

SSR Weapon Skin – Invader – Nova Nightmare 

Aim steady, fire hard.

There will be more SSR skins of VSS7, Loot Box, Jetpacks and so many other SR skins. All are included in the Advanced Tracker, which is worth 1,299 diamonds. And you will get it for FREE! 

In the lottery event, Freddie’s also got a new UR skin – Aurora Excursion.

System-related changes

High ping issues in certain regions will improve, and depending on your region, you will get more local matches.

There is some imbalance between 3-player and 4-player squad mode, and only 20% of players would choose 4-player squad mode, which is way lower than the 3-player squad mode. At the same time, to shorten matchmaking times and gather more players, the 4-player squad mode will be suspended.

Your historical rank of duo, trio and quad mode will be combined. The new season’s rank will be based on the highest rank achieved. However, in the future, 4-player squad will also be offered in other non-ranked modes, like some regular matches and entertainment modes. In these modes, you’ll still be able to enjoy playing with a team of four.

Monthly and weekly card systems will be removed in this update. This corresponds to making the new Season Tracker more rewarding for a longer period of time. Your rewards will still be delivered as promised for those who have already purchased.


Farlight 84’s version 2.2 update will officially be released on April 18, 2024. This will be the anniversary update containing tons of optimization and new features. The new, longer, more rewarding Season system, the new Farlight Coins currency with more rewards, a brand new lobby design, new in-game mechanisms like Revival Device and Extended Items, and many more quality-of-life updates.

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