Farlight 84 Planned Mech Bosses Feature – Check the Details

Farlight 84 Planned Mech Bosses Feature - Check the Details

Farlight 84 has undergone extensive and controversial changes in V There has been so much player backlash, game changes, and general interaction between game developers and players that the players have forgotten what was promised in the Video Tilted Farlight 84: 2024 Special Announcement—SNEAK PEEK?? This video was released on the official Farlight 84 YouTube channel on 9 December 2023. 

This was a special video that briefed players about the changes the game will undergo in the near future. The crux of the video was that Farlight 84 was going to EVOLVE. Many things were talked about in the video, but a very cool feature seems to have been forgotten or withdrawn. This feature was the introduction of mech bosses. This was mentioned in the latter part of the video, and today, we will discuss it.

Farlight 84 Mech Bosses

If you click at approximately 8 minutes of the video, you will find them talking about the new mech feature. Farlight 84 has been out for almost a year now, and there have been no major objectives for players to keep in mind other than winning. Winning is the ultimate objective, but there should be more to a game than that, or it will turn stale. There is also nothing lore-wise going on either for players to engage more with.

To counter this problem, the game developers announced that they are planning to introduce these special enemies in the Battle Royale Maps. These will be Mech Bosses that will spawn around the map randomly. They will be hostile, and the players will need to defeat them. If you defeat them, you take control over them. They will essentially become vehicles waiting to be defeated.

They will be tough bosses, and the game recommends teaming up with other players to take it down. This itself is an impressive feature; a sense of strategy and deeper gameplay will rise with the technicality that, as it is a Battle Royale game, players can shoot other players, but you will need to collaborate to beat these enemies. This will make some of the best cooperative moments in the game where the players will team up to beat them, but then players, being players, will kill each other. 

Not much is known about these bosses, but one thing is certain: After you take control over them, you will be able to use their abilities. This may turn out to be a very unbalanced feature as a one-shot to victory. Hence, there should be countermeasures. 

Currently, using Rhino is the most reliable option for dealing with such threats. The Four-Legged Lizard’s overtime damage railgun will obliterate these bosses, but more options should be brought in. New weapons and more balancing should work this out.


The Farlight 84 Mech bosses feature did create ripples in the community, but no one seems to talk about it. To reignite this much-needed feature, we have created this article for the game to notice and implement as soon as possible.

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