Farlight 84 Maychelle Hero Guide After V2.2 Changes

Farlight 84 Maychelle Hero Guide After V2.2 Changes

Michelle is a hero who has not shared the limelight and was an average hero in the past. The new update does her justice, but her gameplay quality has not drastically improved. The new active skill is very handy, but the old skills are still very niche and most effective in certain situations. 

One must know how to use her skills, and when one understands how they should work, they can do wonders with them. Today, we are going to discuss the new active skill and how you could effectively use Maychelle’s skills.

Maychelle’s Abilities:

  1. Ongoing Show: This is her Ultimate. This is a defense-active skill. Through this skill, Maychelle will raise a stage, and on that stage, the squadmates will be able to shoot down the enemies freely. These squadmates will be under the protection of the electronic screens. This is a good strategic ability to make a strong stand.
  2. Sonic Tracking: This is her Tactical Skill. It is a scout-active skill. Michelle will release a sound wave that will reveal the location of any enemies. This sound wave will be released in a conical shape in front of the hero. This will be a handy ability.
  3. Bass Blaster: This is her Tactical Skill. It is a damage-active skill. This is the offensive ability. Through this, she throws mini speakers that will attach to the surface. Then, these speakers will emit soundwaves on both sides of the surface, which will damage the enemies in the AOE (Area of Effect) of the soundwaves. Logically, attaching it to the wall is the best way to use this ability.

Tips and Tricks to use Maychelle

Maychelle has abilities that are to be used in certain situations, and one needs to be a bit strategic while using these abilities to reap complete benefits. The tracking ability she gets from Sonic Tracking has added positive value to her gameplay.

As stated earlier, one will need some strategic mindset while using her. One effective combo would be to first use the tracking ability to determine the location of the enemies and whether they are behind a wall or something. Then, use the Bass Blaster ability to drive the enemies out of their hiding places. You can even pressure the campers. The real utility of the Bass Blaster is the speaker that damages from the other side.

The main use of the Ultimate is to make a last stand. When you know that you will be having a confrontation and the area is rather open, this is an excellent ability, but only in open areas. In a situation like when you and one more squad remain, this would be a nightmare for the opponents.


Farlight 84 Maychelle has a mix of abilities that are very useful in certain situations and in those situations only. She is a very powerful hero, but the player needs to grasp her use of skills. For those who want to use this hero, we have created this guide to provide you with some valuable insights.

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