Farlight 84 New Hero Skins of New Update (V2.2)

Farlight 84 New Update - New Lobby

Farlight 84 went through the V2.2.0.0 recently and there were quite a few quality of life changes and introductions. From a revamped user interface to adding a quick match, it is a pretty decent update. They even introduced a few new Hero skins. We did get a ton of cosmetics this time around. 

To say that these skins are creative would be an understatement but none of them can be acquired through in-game diamonds or gold. Today, we will be exploring and discussing how these skins are be acquired. One thing to note is that as the Battle Pass is free this season, the Advanced Tracker is also free along with the already free, Basic Tracker.

Hero Skins:

1. Freddie:

The attack hero has got a new skin. Freddie has got a total of three skins in total and in our opinion, the new skin, Winter Night is the first skin that truly reimagined him. This skin can is a UR(Ultra Rare) skiN. You can acquire this skin through the Aurora Excursion lottery. We have discussed about this lottery in earlier articles which you can check out.

2. Captain:

Captain, the defense hero has got a very unique skin. This the Tough Style which gives him a punk-like look. This is aSSR skin. This can be acquired through the Battle Pass. In the Battle Pass it is can acquired when you reach the Level 50 of the Advanced Tracker.

3. Maggie:

The fan favourite attack hero, Maggie is has got an SSR(Super Special Rare) skin. She has got the Firestorm Major skin and it has Three level to it. Simply put, this skin in a way evolves as it reaches the next level. The first step is to acquire the level one skin and you will acquire the level one skin when you reach the Level 20 in the Basic Tracker in the Battle Pass. Then you will need 700 Farlight Coins to unlock the second level and 500 Farlight Coins to unlock the third level. You can unlock these levels in the Redeem option in the Season section.

4. Ceanna:

Painful Therapy is the new SSR skin that the support hero, Ceanna, has got. This skin can be acquired by redeeming 400 Farlight 84 Coins in the Redeem option.

Ceanna is also getting a new Rare skin, Persistent Heart. This can be acquired by reaching the Level 28 in the Advanced Tracker of the Battle Pass.

5. Momoi: 

The community’s beloved support hero, Momoi, has got the SSR skin, Spades Lady. You can acquire this skin when you progress to Level 2 in the Advanced Tracker of the Battle Pass.


Maychelle has got a new SR(Super Rare) skin known as Rebel Gut. This new skin can be acquired through reaching Level 38 of the Battle Pass’s Advanced Tracker.

7. Ducksyde:

Ducksyde, the famous defense hero, has got a new Super Rare skin, the Egg Hustler. This skin can be acquired by progressing to Level 50 in the Basic Tracker of the Battle Pass.

8. Phantom:

Crimson Memory is the new skin to the scout hero, Phantom. This is a Rare skin and one can simply own it by reaching the Level 83 of the Advanced Tracker in the Battle Pass. 


This time several things have been introduced and one can be very overwhelmed by all these changes. In order to make this impact easier for the players who are interesting in acquiring the new and cool skins, we have created this guide for you.

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