Farlight 84 Phantom Hero Guide After V2.2 Changes

Farlight 84 V2.2 Phantom

Phantom is one of the more popular heroes of Farlight 84. She is commonly used in tournaments and casual games alike. Previously, she was an excellent long-range hero for all those snipers out there, but things are changing as the new update will give her new abilities. 

She is getting a total revamp to a certain degree, and her utility as the perfect sniper hero has certainly decreased. Though the Passive of hitting headshots does extra damage and was perfect for sniping, there is a subpar workaround to it.

Phantom’s Abilities

  1. Optic Camo: This is her Ultimate. This is a stealth-active skill. The skill lets her turn invisible, and her movement speed increases. Though she is invisible, she can be shot. She hides and sneaks up on enemies through this ability, and it is even a very good escape ability. The skill has got a new buff with this update. It has increased your movement speed, making it perfect for striking fast, and even your teammates that step into the circle of effect of your ability will have speed almost doubled, but these teammates won’t turn invisible.
  2. Phantom Crash: This is her Tactical Skill, a trap-active skill. It is the real star of the show. Through this ability, she deploys a trap earring. When triggered, this has an AOE (Area of Effect). In this AOE, the trap will do continuous damage, and the damage is considerable for a very good amount of time.
  3. Portable Scout: This is her Tactical Skill, a scout-active skill. This ability is very handy. It will let her deploy a scout, which is throwable in long distances, too. This will reveal the locations of any enemies in the scout’s AOE. Any enemy around the scout’s landing spot will incur increased headshot damage.

Tips and Tricks to use Phantom

Phantom has got good changes and a very useful new skill in her arsenal. One thing to note is that she is not the perfect long-range hero she used to be. Now, her abilities give her the ability to fight in medium to close range more effectively. She is one of the Scout heroes, who generally excels in spotting and hunting enemies down. She does fill that role quite well now.

Phantom can fight well in all combat situations, but giving her some space would be a good choice and a step in the right direction. We say that she is the perfect long-range hero she used to be because the Passive Skill that lets her do extra headshot damage is now under the Portable Scout Tactical Skill. You can use this buff when the enemy is detected by the scout. Though you can see the enemy’s location but the flaw is that before you can strike when the enemy is unaware and one-shot them but now if they are detected with the scout, even they will be alert that they will be targeted. 

Still, you can use her trap ability in much more strategic gameplay choices. It does considerable damage and so can place it over downed enemies to prevent them from being revived or you can simply pressure your enemies very easily and send even scare them off. 


Phantom is a very solid hero that has now become more balanced overall. We would strongly recommend this to the skilled sniper players. We would recommend using Bar-95 if you are going for a long-range style. And for all those looking to find the changes Phantom went through, we have rediscovered her for you.

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