Farlight 84 Heroes and Fluffy Festa Momoi Skin For Free

Farlight 84 Characters and Fluffy Fiesta Momoi Skin For Free

Not even a single day has gone dry recently. Almost every day since the announcement of the update V 2.0.0, there has been some news or turmoil. The thing that has been making the most headlines is the decision to remove jetpacks. After the game released the new video regarding the upcoming V 2.0.0, they faced more backlash. Recently, the game officially announced new details about the decision to remove the jetpack.

The game developers took to Facebook and put forward a few major points. First, they apologised to the players who have put time and effort into mastering the usage of jetpacks. They apologised for the inconvenience. Then they said that they would be releasing a batch of high-mobility heroes that would have jetpack-like abilities. They will also introduce more mobility-related features like unique sliding abilities. The developers promised to work on a new schedule to provide these features as soon as possible. 

As a gesture of apology, in addition to the heroes that can be acquired through the usual progression, eight Farlight 84 heroes will be available for free to claim. This will include the existing heroes and the upcoming new hero- Freddie (He will be introduced in the next update).

All the Farlight 84 free heroes will be up for grabs between January 25, 2024, and to March 7, 2024. To collect your free heroes:

  1. Head to Event Center -> Special Invitation section.
  2. Here, go to the “Collect” section and claim your 8 Farlight Letter, which is available just for signing in.
  3. Redeem all 8 characters for each Farlight Letter one by one.
Farlight 84 Special Invitation Event - Free Characters

You can also earn a new SSR Skin, Fluffy Festa for Momoi, for free between January 25, 2024, and April 18, 2024. Collect the Warmth Packs (Legend Resource Box) on the battlefield grounds to get this free skin and other limited-time items for free. Head to the Event Center -> Spring Warmth section to get your free Momoi skin. Here, you can collect one resource box daily from the collect section, besides getting the box on the battlefield. When you have collected a total of 180 Lefend Resource Boxes, you can redeem your free Fluffy Festa Momoi skin.

Farlight 84 Spring Warmth Event - Free Fluffy Festa

While this is good, will it be enough to decrease the backlash towards removing the jetpacks? Will the game continue to stay unique, or will it be lost if the player base loses interest? Only time will tell, but this is a bold move. Let us hope for the best. 

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