Get Regal Lion Syfer Skin in Farlight 84 New Radiance Lottery Event

Farlight 84 Regal Lion Syfer Skin - New Radiance Lottery Event

Farlight 84 New Radiance is an ongoing event with pretty cool-looking prizes. The main theme of the event is the Chinese New Year. The Regal Lion hero’s skin especially tries to capture the essence of the festival. There are many other rewards in this one which you can win.

In order to take part in this Lottery, you need to open the Farlight 84 application. Then navigate to the upper right corner, just below the Battle Pass, where there is an option for Lottery; when you press that, you will be navigated to all the lotteries and draws available in the game.

How to Participate in Farlight 84 New Radiance Lottery Event?

New Radiance has many draws in it. To be precise, a total of 50 draws. Here comes the simple math: one draw costs 60 diamonds; ten draws cost 600 diamonds. Unfortunately, there is no discount on this event.

Farlight 84 New Radiance Lottery Event

In this event, you get rewards of two types: Common Rewards and Fragment Rewards. There are a total of 18 Common Rewards. When you get a Common Reward, you permanently possess the reward. Those rewards and their draw probability are:

Happy New Year!Sticker2.66%
Silver FireworksTrail2.66%
Celebration DanceAvatar Frame2.66%
Propitious SignProfile Background2.66%
Auspicious CloudsProfile Frame2.66%
Fortune DanceUnique Dance2.66%
Queen StyleUnique Dance2.66%
Rainbow LanternChat Bubble2.66%
Dragon WhiskersTrail2.66%
Spring PlumAvatar Frame2.66%
Spring EleganceProfile Background3.19%
Lucky BuckleKnockout Broadcast3.19%
Rolling FortuneAvatar3.19%
Text GameCustom Voice3.19%
Charm of CodeCustom Voice3.19%

There are 8 Fragments Rewards. The condition of these rewards is that you draw a piece of them every time. Hence, you will be rewarded when you have drawn all the required pieces. This is unlike the rewards you permanently get when you draw them once.

Regal LionHero Skin810.64%
Neon DragonWeapon Skin45.32%
Dream InkLoot Box35.32%
Dream VoyagePods35.32%
Cyber BlueUMP-9945.32%
City DreamVehicle Skin45.32%
E-InkwellLoot Box35.85%
Vintage ChildhoodJetpack35.73%

While these draw rates are the basic ones without any draws, your draw probability is recalculated accordingly as you draw rewards. The already-owned draws are converted into currency according to the value of the draw.


Farlight 84 New Radiance Lottery has pretty neat rewards, which can be drawn. If you are also fond of festivities, this would be perfect for you. This may come across as pretty expensive, but it is awesome. We hope you draw the reward you want.

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