Get Masked Lover Ember Skin in Farlight 84 Swing Shadow Lottery Event

Farlight 84 Masked Lover Ember Skin

Swing Shadow in Farlight 84 is one of the lotteries currently going on. It has a variety of rewards which the players can draw. It has two hero skins, a jetpack skin, a vehicle skin and many more rewards. Ember’s Masked Lover skin and the Jetpack’s Hazy Love skin are especially awesome-looking. Hazy Love especially has a ring that changes colour. It is like a RGB halo on a jetpack.

To take part in this lottery, you will have to open the Farlight 84 application. Then, go to the upper right corner, just below the Battle Pass, where there is an option for Lottery; when you press that, you will be navigated to all the lotteries and draws available in the game.

How to Participate in Farlight 84 Swing Shadow Lottery Event?

Swing Shadow has a total of 12 rewards. Here, there is NO Fragment Reward System; hence, anything you draw once, you will get it permanently.

Farlight 84 Swing Shadow Event Details

The rewards are of three types: Purple Rewards, Blue Rewards and Gray Rewards. The colour signifies the rarity of the reward. The Purple ones are the Epic ones, the Blue ones are the Uncommon ones, and the Gray ones are like the Common ones. There are 18 Common4 Purple, 7 Blue and 1 Gray Rewards. Those rewards and their draw probability are:

Masked LoverHero Skin0.48%
Blossomy HeartAvatar Frame9.64%
Galactic LoveTrail3.86%
Passion EngineHero Skin0.58%
Flame HuntWeapon Skin0.58%
Romantic SoaringVehicle Skin3.86%
Hazy LoveJetpack3.86%
Fiery LoveTrail23.14%
Blooming HeartAvatar Frame3.86%
Moonlit RoseProfile Background3.86%
Rose PhantomAvatar23.14%

The above probability is a very basic one. It is before any draws. When you get rewards, these probabilities are recalculated. As you spend your diamonds, the number of diamonds spent is increased in the following order: 9 To 19 To 29 To 39 To 59 To 79 To 99 To 199 To 299 To 399 To 599


Farlight 84 Swing Shadow is a lottery with decent rewards that you can draw. Not all of them are attractive, but the ones are very good-looking. Though this lottery has a pretty steep price, the overall cost is less than the diamonds needed to get the rewards in the previous lottery. To get all the rewards, you will need to spend a total of 1,829 diamonds, and we hope you get the rewards you desire.

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