Get Diamonds in Farlight 84 Creation League (FCL) Monthly Challenge – Farlight 84 Friendship!

Farlight 84 (FL84) giving talented artists an chance to win free diamonds in the game for showing their talent to the world. They just have to submit an amazing artwork in the Farlight 84 Creation League (FCL) monthly challenge to stand a chance to win up to 1000 free diamonds. The October 2023’s monthly challenge has already started and the last date to make submission in November 5, 2023.

About FCL Program

FCL is all about discovering and celebrating talented Farlight 84 fan artists worldwide. There are FCL Monthly Challenges in which you can create amazing game-inspired art and earn the title of FCL Artist or FCL Member, and enjoy fantastic perks. The best thing about the monthly challenges is, there are no winners selected for each challenge, instead, all submissions are assessed and rewarded based on their quality level.

Farlight 84 Creation League Monthly Challenge

FCL Challenges Quality Level: Scored and Rewards

Quality level is the basis to determine the quality of artwork of Monthly challenges and corresponding rewards. There are levels of quality: Master, Advanced, Intermediate, and Basic. The criteria to evaluate quality level includes: Technique (40%), Creativity (20%), Topic aligned (20%), Layout & Color (10%), Completeness (10%).

Quality LevelScoreRewards

About FCL Club

The Farlight 84 Creation League Club is a three level club. You enter the club as a member. Everyone, regardless of background or experience can become a FCL member. You just have to complete 1 FCL challenges with a quality level of Basic or above to become a Bronze Member of the club. After becoming a member, you have to create a minimum of 1 artwork per month.

From a normal FCL member, you can become an FCL Artist. There are two ways to become an artist.

  • Participate in any FCL Monthly Challenges: Submit your artwork through the competition link. Your artwork must reach level intermediate and above.
  • Introduced by another FCL Artist: Your profile must be reviewed by FCL Captains. Provide some artworks for reference check.

From an FCL Artist, you can become a Captain. For this, you must be an FCL artist and achieve Gold level or above in your artwork. You should have passion for the game & art, demonstrate group moderation skills and strong connection in creative communities, and must be available to fulfill duties. For becoming a captain, you have to submit an application to Community Manager during recruitment period.

Farlight 84 Creation League Club

How to Submit your artwork in FCL Program?

You have share your artwork in high-quality on Farlight 84 Creator Zone Discord server in FCL | Artwork-Galley. Also, post the artwork on social media channels with hashtag #Farlight84 #Fanart #FCL. You have to self-record you artworks performance and provide link of artworks to FCL Captains on the Discord server if you want to level up. FCL Captains check & get Community Manager’s approval.

FCL Monthly Challenge (Oct) – FRIENDSHIP

The October 2023 month’s these for the FCL challenge is Farlight 84 Friendship! So, you have create an artwork that celebrates the friendship among Farlight 84.

Your artwork could be capsulers hanging out, having a party, going to school, watching FPC tournament or playing games together, etc. Let the bonds of camaraderie shine! the artwork must have at least 2 characters from the game, and the artwork must be original.

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