Farlight 84 September 2023 v14.4.2.8 Update Details: Battle Pass, Lottery Event and More

We are here to announce the most awaited Farlight84 v14.4.2.8 is now live . This patch has come with a lot of new stuff including new battle pass, events, Hero updates and many more. The game has seen a lot of improvements in playstyle and in events. Farlight84 has now collaborated with actress Ella Cruz and has brought exciting Events. We are happy to get this exciting news and will be sharing with you.

Ella Cruz x Farlight84 collab events

  • New collab items, Ella battle emojis & Dance
  • Tiktok dance challenge in the Philippines for 4 weeks

Hero Updates

In the previous update, there were skill updates for MaggiePhantom and MK.R, which impacted each Hero’s playstyle, contributing to the goal of Farlight84, that is, to make all the Heroes shine. Likewise, this update has brought huge changes to Yong and small changes in existing skills for other Heroes in the list.

  • Yong: Yong has always been a versatile asset, being a good initiator, but he still lacked in the abilities section. He was not as engaging as other Heroes. So, Yong’s Tactical skill has been changed to a new one called Blinding Mark. Blinding mark sends in a forward beam of electronic pulse, which is penetrable. When enemies are caught in its path, they will be revealed, marked and slowed down for a short period, and if our teammate shoots the enemy, the marked target suffers a limited vision loss for 3 seconds, and then the mark is removed. This update ensures that even without his ultimate, Yong can be an integral part of the team.
  • MK.R: His rockets have now been increased to 2 rockets, and the damage output has also been increased.
  • Beau: His tactical skill damage has been increased. His ultimate skill’s cluster grenades explode simultaneously now.
  • Sunil: On his Ultimate, his speed boost is increased.
  • Ducksyde: On his Tactical skill, his movement has significantly increased.
  • Maggie: Her Tactical skill countdown has been increased by 5 seconds. Her ultimate duration is now shorter, during which she can use horizontal flight three times.
  • Phantom: Her Tactical skill’s scanning duration has now become shorter.
  • Balance changes: When our heroes reach level 7 they get a boost in HP of 40, which was previously 20, making the defense Heroes more tanky in fights

Battle pass

Following are the rewards of the Battle pass.

  • SSR HERO SKIN – Lucinda, Mischief Maven

Lucinda the lady of mystery with a blend of street artists, she has spiced up her look with a dash of urban creativity.

  • SR WEAPON SKIN – Porcupine, Phantom Fantasy
  • SR VEHICLE SKIN – 4-Legged-Lizard, Cyber Graffiti

This Graffiti covered giant is art on four legs.

New Cosmetic Items

  • The stellar force thematic set
  • The shriek fest thematic set

New Events

  • All New Lottery Event: New Stellar Force lottery event is on till 25/9/23. The main reward is UR Weapon Skin Invader – E.T.Enforcer and many more Skins and items to collect.
  • Return of the Lottery Wheel: Blazing Storm lottery wheel is on till 25/9/23. The main reward is UR Weapon Skin Generator – Clairvoyant Radiation and many more Skins and items to collect.
  • New Chest Event: You can draw up to 50 times for a guaranteed grand prize. The main reward is UR Hero Skin Beau – Vlad The Bloodsire and SSR weapon skin MF18 – Haunted Castle.

Issue Fixes & Features

  • In the Battle Royale mode, the Ring will not close on areas with super tall structures; adjustments are made to avoid exploiting the mechanism by players staying high on top.
  • Shorter seasons had made it too hard to complete the missions, So in this update, the difficulty of the missions had been decreased. This means that you will complete the Battle Pass faster now.
  • In custom rooms, a total of 8 observer slots are now available; having more observers means more creators and friends can join the room.
  • In the chat channel, you will get a match notification when your match is about to start.
  • Clan system has been updated. You can now create a tag of up to 6 characters.
  • Team points will now change upon the events you have participated in. If the team doesn’t show up, they will face a penalty of a high point deduction, and if the team has cheated, the points will be cleared to zero.
  • All new Japanese Voiceovers.


We have covered all the new improvements developers brought to Farlight 84 with the September 2023 v14.4.2.8 update. The game is now becoming more engaging and bringing participation from players. Use this information to take advantage of everything and be the best in the game. Stay tuned with us for more updates in Farlight84.

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