Farlight 84 Cards: Score Protector Card, MVP Bonus Card and Rank Bonus Card

Farlight 84 Cards Score Protector Card, MVP Bonus Card and Rank Bonus Card

Farlight 84 has a rank progression system. You are rewarded rank points whenever you do certain actions in-game and these are general actions like getting more kills and such. For the players that pour hours, blood and sweat ranking up in the game, these rank points are very precious. 

Many times, you can be unsure and want to be cautious, or else you might lose rank points. Some players want to shoot up the ladder as fast as they can. They always crave more points. There are combination players, too, who would not want to lose rank points but, at the same time, would like to rank up faster.

For these situations, the game provides excellent solutions through cards. Today, we are going to cover in detail about three of such cards. These cards are the Score Protector CardMVP Bonus Card and Rank Bonus Card.

Where to Find Rank Progression Cards in Farlight 84?

While usually the cards are found in the Other section of the Shop; these cards are not there. Simply because cards cannot be bought using in-game diamonds or gold. First, open your Farlight 84application. In the bottom left corner of your screen, there is an option for Season. In the Season section, you will be able to find a Redeem option; press on it. In it, you will be able to see all the in-game items you can redeem, and at the bottom of this list, you can see the cards.

How to Acquire Them?

As stated earlier, you cannot acquire cards through in-game diamonds or gold. You will need to use the new currency, Farlight Coins. The most simple and efficient method of getting the Farlight Coins would be to collect them as rewards as you progress through the Battle Pass. To add a cherry on top, for this season, the Battle Pass’s Advance Tracker is also free-of-cost along with the already free-of-cost Basic Tracker. This would significantly increase your collection rate. For one Rank Bonus Card, you need Fifty Farlight Coins.

For one MVP Bonus Card, you need Fifty Farlight Coins and for one Score Protection Card. If you want all of these cards, the total for one each would come out as One Hundred and Fifty Farlight Coins and this much can be very quickly amassed as you reach Level Four in Battle Pass. 

Use of Different Cards

Rank Bonus Card:

Rank Bonus is beneficial. What it does is that when your Squad ranks in the top three, you will be rewarded extra rank points. This will automatically be activated when this condition is met. 

MVP Bonus Card:

As the name suggests, the MVP Bonus Card grants you extra rank points when you are named as the Most Valued Player in a match. This will also automatically be activated when you meet this condition.

Score Protector Card:

This card will protect your score when activated. 


For the ranked players, every point is very precious that they could earn and though usage of these cards can seem to be pay-to-win in a way but it is not as you cannot buy Farlight Coins directly or indirectly through real money, at least currently. And for those ranked players looking to grab more points, we hope this article helps you.

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